Brian Shahan (President)
Howard L. Shahan (Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

Estimating/Project Managers

One of these people will be responsible for the handling of your project from the first day of contact until the job is finished. This person will be knowledgeable about any phase of your project at any time.
Mike Sutton
(214) 366-7245
Lynn Gibson
(214) 366-7240
Ronnie Wootonn
(214) 366-7225
Brian Shahan
(214) 366-7220
Connor Kennedy
(214) 366-7280


These people are responsible for all of our internal records, correspondence and accounting; including payroll, accounts payable and receivable. It is also their job to make sure that we get all of your required paperwork to you in a correct and timely fashion.
Yeni Elizondo
(214) 366-7210
Jeanie Castillo
(214) 366-7260
Stephanie Reveles
(214) 366-7255


Workplace safety is of utmost concern to us so we have a full time safety director and equipment manager.
Mike Sutton
(214) 366-7245

Vice President of Field Operations

This position is in charge of all field operations. His knowledge and expertise not only keeps our part of the job running smoothly but also can bring potential problems to your attention before they arise. Communication between our staff and yours is something that we feel is critical to the success of any project.
Gary Don Ferrell
(214) 796-7530